Monday, December 08, 2003

Welcome to AltNews where sharing news and resources of interest to the alternative dispute resolution community is a team effort.

Please join us as an author, commentator or editor by sending us a note via the AltNewsTeam list which is maintained for the members of the editorial team to coordinate the news and resource sharing. You will receive a tempoary user ID and password to access to the editing screen where you may add, edit and publish weblog items and articles to appear in this weblog.

You may also subscribe to receive the items and articles by email as they are posted here. Send the editorial team a note via the AltNewsTeam list and we will add your address to the weblog email distribution list. Subscribers to the weblog distribution list may also reply to the list to submit items and articles to be published here. The replies will be sent on to the AltNewsTeam list for posting to the weblog, the article or item will be published here and then it will be distributed via the AltNews email distribution list.

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